We have enlarged our sales team

With the ever increasing number of non-domestic inquiries and projects, we have decided to strengthen our export sales activities further.

Since January 1, 2021, Sebastian Rivera supports ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH and is responsible for the whole export sales. Based on his education as industrial engineer (bridging the gap between economical and technical tasks) and several years of work in demanding sales projects, mostly in the aerospace field, he provides profound knowledge to steer challenging and complex developments towards success.

We are proud to have this new team member on board and are looking forward to the upcoming tasks from the various fields ITK he will become involved.

Super-flat rotary table FES200 with direct drive and hollow shaft

Application areas: high-precision positioning and dynamic positioning


Microscopy as important as never before

Products from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH in service at the Charité hospital in Berlin, Germany.

Whenever speed, precision and reliability are paramount to support the search for a Covid-19 vaccine, then our microscope stage are first choice. With the linear motor technology resolution and productivity reach new levels.

The picture shows one of the leading experts from Germany within the Corona pandemic, Prof. Christian Drosten in front of a Lecia microscope using the LMT microscope stage from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH.


Covid-19: Latest News from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH

We are not left untouched by the Corona pandemic and are facing new challenges, asking for high flexibility and creativity both short-term and long-term. We would like to keep you up to date with the means implemented to ensure business continuity for all of us. After first settling things internally, it gets more important to establish stable communication with all our stakeholders.

Key target is to ensure a stable supply towards our customers without compromising the health protection of our employees. So far, we have been successful with this task but have to adapt newly almost every day.


ITK The new company brochure

In connection with the “Control” fair in Stuttgart 2019, ITK has issued a new company brochure. Based on a joined effort between all departments at ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH, it was possible to build a set of information which presents all competence areas, products and especially the know-how which can be found at our company in a convenient manner. The layout and the Corporate Design which was newly defined here has been flown into our updated website as well. It is our target to be externally noticed in a more consistent fashion, allowing all stakeholders to recognise us faster and learn in which different fields and business areas our products and services can be found.