Endlich wieder live! Besuchen Sie uns auf der SPS in Nürnberg.

Wir freuen uns sehr, Sie vom 23.-25.112021 wieder persönlich auf unserem Messestand, Halle 4, Stand 455, begrüßen zu dürfen.

Heiko Schöck takes over project purchasing

The gap in the project purchasing department, which has arisen due to currently increasing enquiries and the positive business development, has now been closed: On June 1st 2021, Heiko Schöck has taken over this important task at ITK. As a project buyer, he is permanently assigned to the customer or development project and is responsible for all relevant project-specific purchasing activities.  

Due to his previous 25 years of employment in a medium-sized industrial company in the electronics sector, he provides the technical and commercial experience for the new position.  There, he held various positions in sales, production, as well as in operational and strategic purchasing, and also acquired a sound knowledge of quality management and work safety. He is very familiar with the workflows and processes of a manufacturing company. 

"Our suppliers are important building blocks in the supply chain, so we want to develop them into reliable partners. In this way, I would like to contribute to the continuous development of ITK and further optimisation of the procurement processes," explains Schöck.

He likes to spend his free time hiking and reading. He is also involved in youth work as a licensed soccer coach.

We look forward to working with Heiko Schöck and wish him a good start in the company.

May we introduce? Holger Dick, our new production manager

As an innovative and constantly growing company in the industry, we have strengthened our team in a crucial position: Since May 1st 2021, Holger Dick is the new production manager at ITK. 

As a practitioner with more than 25 years of management and production experience, he is familiar with all processes of a manufacturing company. Due to many years of work as a plant manager, he has in-depth business knowledge in the areas of purchasing and supply chain management, quality control, process optimization and value stream mapping.

He describes his personal goals for his new position at ITK as follows: "I would like to use my experience to further develop the company. For me, this includes further optimizing processes and workflows, increasing quality, reducing process costs, and improving delivery performance, which ultimately benefits customers."

In his private life, his leisure activities include hiking, soccer (only passively now), his membership in the volunteer fire department and photography. 

We wish Mr. Dick a good start and continued success as well as the support of the entire ITK team.

ITK-Betriebsjubiläum: 10 Jahre im Mai 2021 - Jens Klein

Ein weiteres 10-jähriges Firmenjubiläum feiert ITK und Jens Klein!

Als Abteilungsleiter Zerspanung ist Herr Klein für ein stetig wachsendes Team und einen reibungslosen Ablauf in der mechanischen Bearbeitung der unterschiedlichsten Rohstoffe verantwortlich. Aufgrund der sehr guten Auftragslage wachsen auch die Anforderungen an die Logistik der Bearbeitungszentren. Herr Klein legt höchste Ansprüche an Qualität und Durchsatz der mechanisch komplexen Bauteile. Somit ist die Lieferkette innerhalb eines abzuarbeitenden Produktionsauftrages jederzeit sichergestellt. 

Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Jahre und alle Jubiläen, die wir noch gemeinsam feiern werden!

ITK-Betriebsjubiläum: 10 Jahre im Mai 2021 - Floyd Christ

Wir freuen uns außerordentlich das 10-jährige Firmenjubiläum mit Herrn Floyd Christ feiern zu können!

Als Anerkennung für die engagierte Arbeit im Hause ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH gratulieren wir Floyd Christ recht herzlich. Wir wissen die besonnene Art und die guten technischen Kenntnisse sehr zu schätzen.

Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Jahre und alle Jubiläen, die wir noch gemeinsam feiern werden!

ITK-Betriebsjubiläum: 20 Jahre im Dezember 2020 - Petra Hassler

Wir freuen uns sehr dieses Jubiläum mit Frau Petra Hassler feiern zu können!

Frau Hassler befindet sich nunmehr in guter Gesellschaft und ist die sechste Mitarbeiterin, die auf eine zwanzigjährige Betriebszugehörigkeit bei ITK zurückblicken kann. Frau Hassler arbeitet bei ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH in der Elektronik-Fertigung.

Wir danken Ihr für Ihre langjährige Verbundenheit, Ihre Zuverlässigkeit und Ihr Engagement, das Sie all die Jahre bewiesen hat.

Wir freuen uns auf die weitere gute Zusammenarbeit!

ITK-Betriebsjubiläum: 10.000 Tage im März 2021 - Stephan Baumann 

Vor 10.000 Tagen, am 01.11.1993 hat Herr Stephan Baumann bei ITK begonnen und seitdem maßgeblich die Firmengeschichte geprägt.

Herr Baumann hat in dem kleinen Ingenieurbüro in der Elektronik-Montage angefangen und konnte so die Entwicklung des Unternehmens hautnah mitgestalten, bis hin zur modernen „GmbH“.

Auch die persönliche Entwicklung, vom jungen technikbegeisterten Mann, der seit Ende 2010 erfolgreich eine ganze Abteilung leitet, ist bemerkenswert.

Und nicht nur das! Stephan Baumann sorgt durch sein Engagement von Beginn an, dass sich unser Unternehmen weiterentwickeln kann, auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik ist und somit dem Wettbewerb ein paar Schritte voraus.

Wir danken Herrn Baumann für seinen unermüdlichen Einsatz, seine hohe Identifikation für unsere Produkte und letztlich zu unserem Unternehmen. 

Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf weitere 10.000 Tage!

We have enlarged our sales team

With the ever increasing number of non-domestic inquiries and projects, we have decided to strengthen our export sales activities further.

Since January 1, 2021, Sebastian Rivera supports ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH and is responsible for the whole export sales. Based on his education as industrial engineer (bridging the gap between economical and technical tasks) and several years of work in demanding sales projects, mostly in the aerospace field, he provides profound knowledge to steer challenging and complex developments towards success.

We are proud to have this new team member on board and are looking forward to the upcoming tasks from the various fields ITK he will become involved.

Super-flat rotary table FES200 with direct drive and hollow shaft

Application areas: high-precision positioning and dynamic positioning


Microscopy as important as never before

Products from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH in service at the Charité hospital in Berlin, Germany.

Whenever speed, precision and reliability are paramount to support the search for a Covid-19 vaccine, then our microscope stage are first choice. With the linear motor technology resolution and productivity reach new levels.

The picture shows one of the leading experts from Germany within the Corona pandemic, Prof. Christian Drosten in front of a Lecia microscope using the LMT microscope stage from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH.


Covid-19: Latest News from ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH

We are not left untouched by the Corona pandemic and are facing new challenges, asking for high flexibility and creativity both short-term and long-term. We would like to keep you up to date with the means implemented to ensure business continuity for all of us. After first settling things internally, it gets more important to establish stable communication with all our stakeholders.

Key target is to ensure a stable supply towards our customers without compromising the health protection of our employees. So far, we have been successful with this task but have to adapt newly almost every day.


ITK The new company brochure

In connection with the “Control” fair in Stuttgart 2019, ITK has issued a new company brochure. Based on a joined effort between all departments at ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH, it was possible to build a set of information which presents all competence areas, products and especially the know-how which can be found at our company in a convenient manner. The layout and the Corporate Design which was newly defined here has been flown into our updated website as well. It is our target to be externally noticed in a more consistent fashion, allowing all stakeholders to recognise us faster and learn in which different fields and business areas our products and services can be found.