All competencies within one source of supply

Measure. Control. Motion. Positioning.

Challenging positioning tasks down to the Nanometer

Faster, higher, forward: More throughput, higher resolution, more precise. Ever increasing expectations for efficiency of e.g. probes to be analyzed are industry common sense. To fulfill those requirements the used positioning systems have to cope by becoming more precise, faster and allow for higher dynamics.

Measurements „on the fly“ at increasing dynamic behavior require an even deeper understanding of the effect to the individual components. A high level of integration between in most cases the end used sensors and software with the positoning systems is therefore of paramount importance. We therefore develop solutions jointly and in close dialoge with our customers.

A good balance between continuous improvement of existing solutions via using state of the art technology and self-developed algorithms combined with disruptive solutions are an integral part of our development efforts at ITK.

The open communication with our customers and end users opens the path for new products, which is only possible in trustful business relations. In many of our specialized customer applications catalogue products do no fit and development is the answer to success.

Excellent products through continuous quality control

PCB for an automated microscope table motion controller

ITK Competencies

High precision positioning systems

Systems are much more than just the sum of its components. Only the integral and technical competency of the individual disciplines “electronics, mechanics and software” creates the necessary customer benefit.

ITK started to develop mechatronic solutions, long before this artisan word was created. Knowing which sub-task can be best solved by which specialized department assures that always the optimum can be achieved. Working in interdisciplinary teams even supports this hand- in- hand development approach.

The beneficial exchange between those three disciplines has great impact to the final product. Consequently, the interdisciplinary teamwork was defined a strategic task creating deep technical system knowledge. The result: With the in-house development and production of main components we are capable to deliver precise and efficient positioning systems on highest technical level. Both, industry and research are using our products not only modular built but customized for their needs.

Our product development – consisting of mechanical design, analysis and simulation, electronics and software development – provides the necessary impulses for new developments which are triggered by our customers.

High depth in internal manufacturing capabilities is the key to flexibility. Our in-house value offering reaches from mechanical milling of parts, production of electronics and assembly of complete positioning systems to the outgoing acceptance tests for our systems.

The later quality of products is considered already in the product development phase and finally defined in the later application field. Through permanent quality control in all areas we guarantee our customers highest quality products made in Germany. Our quality certificate acc. DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 documents our actions.