Hardware Development

Our positioning motion controllers and measurement systems are developed in-house and constantly kept up to date.

A key success factor is not only to know ever changing customer and market requirements but to have the know-how to transform the information into clever products.

Experience of more than 35 years in the areas of motion control technology and measurement systems with position accuracies down to the Nanometer is our proud heritage.

We are constantly motivated to not only fulfill but outperform the requirements received. Competitor advantage in our industry requires technology leadership.

Additionally, we offer high flexibility in adapting product requirements over the course of the development cycle.

Position motion control systems on highest level require a perfect symbiosis between electronics, mechanics and software. Our experts from all areas are therefore a key disctinctive factor in best-in-class product development.

Our development team is staffed with senior developers and decades of expertise combined with young and talented colleagues who allow for growth of our company.

The mix is a key strength of ITK – experience paired with innovative thinking. The result are mechantronic solutions on world class level.

Development of PCB design (FPGAs are programmed 100% in-house)

Using an oscillograph voltage is measured over time and visualized on screen