Permanent Quality Control

ITK Precision

Quality is an integral part of our work. After all, only uncompromising quality in all phases of development, design and production ensures that our products perfectly withstand the conditions to which they are always exposed.

That is why, from the very first day of development, we focus our quality assurance on the consistent use of tried-and-tested systems engineering methods, regular checkpoints, and verification of what has been achieved against the defined target. 

Involving our customers and suppliers in this process is a further element in ensuring the reliability of products and services. The same applies to the intensive exchange between development and production as well as to logistics, clear handover points and the continuous improvement process.

Thus, quality is not only limited to a subsequent check and remedy within production and assembly but is a lived self-image daily.

Readjustment and quality assurance by means of laser and visual inspection

Adjustment work in the µ-meter range: The guides are aligned very precisely by experienced specialists with the support of computer-aided programs.

Voltage measurement with the help of an oscilloscope

Random check of manufactured machined parts