Measurement Systems

Magnetic position measurement technology made by ITK Dr. Kassen GmbH:

Magneto resistive measurement technology is contrary to optical measurement system highly unaffected by dirt. Our MR- measurement systems deliver typical signals as expected for optical systems (1Vss/20µm). With this it is easy to adapt a MR- measurement system to existing application in exchange with optical systems.

Basically, our MR- measurement systems consist of three components: Magnetically coded scales, MR-sensor and signal processing electronics. In all components ITK has developed its own know-how during years of development. Our MR-measurement systems are made for flat design and are mainly absolute measuring the target position. The in-house developed electronics allows for high resolution, repeatability and operating speed. The combination of those components as such is not available elsewhere on the market.

Key Features

  • Magnetic coded scales allow usage of different components
  • Incremental or absolute position measuring
  • Position resolution of 5nm possible to achieve
  • Signal processing electronics OptoMag delivers an output signed according industrial standard of 1Vss/20µm periodicy. Other periodic length on request.
  • Adaptation to various controllers possible
  • Scale coding on ITK made machine with highest precision and laser interferometer
  • Design for usage in dirty or harsh environment
  • Customized scales possible (up to 5m length)
  • Signal processing and sensor separated or integrated
  • Vacuum ready

Scales; MR- Sensors; OptoMag signal processing electronics

Based material with magnetic coded Scale; MR- Sensor MiniStar and OptoMag signal processing electronics

MR-Sensor MiniStar and customized product with directly applied coded MR scale