From raw material to high-tech product

Everything from a single source - with the highest level of vertical integration

From raw material to high-tech product

In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to all customer requirements, we have an extensive stock of raw materials: granite as a solid foundation, aluminium alloys for normally loaded components and trim parts, titanium for particularly demanding components and high-tech materials such as carbon fibre composite.

For us, material competence means not only the knowledge of the right combination of basic elements, but also experience in the field of surface coating for corrosion and wear protection as well as conductivity.

It goes without saying that all electronic components and mechanical parts comply with the RoHS and REACH directives and the conflict minerals requirements in force. Long-term partnerships and cooperation with our highly qualified suppliers ensure a stable supply chain.

Handmade in Germany

Milled from a block

All products are handmade on our in-house production lines. After successful prototyping and any adjustments, the final CAD drawings from the design department are processed and transferred to state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centres.
A team of highly qualified and experienced skilled workers manufactures the products according to the highest standards – and that already from piece number 1 up to series production. Through an intelligent approach to the preparation of CAD data, processes are optimised with regard to production and thus lead times are significantly reduced.
Jigs and tools for the assembly of our products as well as specialised measuring and testing tools are also developed and manufactured in-house.


From raw material to high-tech product.

Our products pass through the entire value chain within ITK: starting with the design, through mechanical machining, to the assembly of the end products. Due to the high degree of integration of the individual activities, we maintain an overview at all times during the creation phase of the product. In this way, we guarantee the optimal interaction of the individual components in order to provide the customer with the best performance characteristics.

Assembly in particular places the highest demands on the components and the skills of the employees. In many areas, years of training are necessary to achieve the required precision safely and reliably. The same applies to the final setting and checking of the control parameters, which is carried out individually to guarantee the desired system performance. Even many years after completion, each product can still be traced back through a “life file”.


After the assembly and integration of all components, a comprehensive test of the finished product is carried out by the specialist department. In the process, it must comply with numerous specifications and release stages. In static and dynamic tests, they check whether the individually defined parameters meet the specifications.

A high level of test coverage is essential because almost all positioning systems from ITK are used worldwide – both under laboratory conditions and in series production in high-tech factories, such as for the manufacture of wafers.
The primary goal is to meet the high quality requirements of the subsequent areas of application.

Component manufacturing

In addition to complete systems, ITK also offers its customers individual components. This means that linear motors, complete linear actuators, measuring systems and controls can also be used for the customer’s own developments and solutions, where they can bring their advantages to bear.

ITK develops and produces all electronic assemblies at its own site in Lahnau. The automated assembly of the PCBs is carried out to the highest standards by a service provider in the immediate vicinity. The assembly and final testing of the control units based on them is carried out 100 per cent in-house at ITK. Experience gained with prototypes flows directly into series production. 



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