Innovation – ITK-made

Technological advantage by using our own components

With new technology and innovative functionality, we set standards in high-end motion control.

Central components such as linear motors, controllers and measuring systems are not bought in at ITK, but are manufactured in-house, so that comprehensive adaptations can also be made without any problems and customized solutions can be offered.

Thus, the patented linear motor concept creates a clear distinction to other solutions available on the market in terms of compactness and positioning accuracy.


Product development at the highest level

Deep Know-how and state of the art CAD engineering software

All electronics and software developments are created in our own research and development department. Experienced, curious and highly motivated employees are always looking for new challenges - with the aim of developing the best products on the market.

In addition to many years of experience in circuit design and control software, well-equipped laboratories are a guarantee for fast iteration cycles. A balanced age structure and a broad spectrum of skills result in a well-coordinated team at world-class level.

Handgemacht in Deutschland

Hand made in Germany

Product development. Housing production. Final assembly. At ITK, everything is hand- and homemade.

All products are handmade in our in-house production lines. After successful prototyping and any adjustments, the final CAD drawings from the design department are processed and transferred to state-of-the-art 5-axis machining centers.

A team of highly qualified and experienced workers manufactures the products according to the highest standards - starting from quantity 1 up to series production.


Permanent quality monitoring

ITK Precision

Quality is an integral part of our work. After all, only uncompromising quality in all phases of development, design and production ensures that our products perfectly withstand the conditions to which they are exposed at all times.
That is why, from the very first day of development, we focus our quality assurance on the consistent application of tried-and-tested systems engineering methods, regular checkpoints and verification of what has been achieved against the defined target.